DPW Contests Oil ONLY?

Is it just me or does it seem like all the contests are judged by oil painters thus only the winners are oil painters or at the very least acrylic painters? I haven’t seen even one watercolor even acknowledged. I KNOW I’ve seen some AWESOME watercolors in here and I don’t think this has been given much attention to. It’s almost like…if you KNOW the judge is a watercolor person, you wouldn’t want to “enter” unless you also did watercolors. Please let me know when you have a watercolor person judging and I will then proceed to enter the contest. Maybe there are just more oil people entering?

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No watercolors in the last few months, but…

There is a w/c among the top 15 in both Jan & Feb of this year, and a number of top 15 works in other media in most other months. The February judge is a watercolorist whose winners were all oil.

Dec 2015–a w/c got second place and another placed in the top 15.

October 2015–a watercolorist judged, and her winners also were all oil! Two of her top 15 were w/c.

Sept 2015–judged by a pastel artist; she chose three w/c’s for her top 15 and gave another one second place.

In August 2015, Carol Marine chose a w/c for first place. Her top 15 included four w/c’s, a colored pencil, a pastel, and an acrylic.

So based on the past year, which is a far back as I checked, I’m not sure your conclusion is accurate. Seems more likely it’s a matter of oils far outnumbering other media in the works submitted.

Actually, I was a judge several months back, and I’m a pastelist! I chose the works that I thought were best deserving.

Thanks Pamela. That’s what I would hope would happen. I appreciate everyone’s input :slight_smile: