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DPW Contests Oil ONLY?

(Anna Penny) #1

Is it just me or does it seem like all the contests are judged by oil painters thus only the winners are oil painters or at the very least acrylic painters? I haven’t seen even one watercolor even acknowledged. I KNOW I’ve seen some AWESOME watercolors in here and I don’t think this has been given much attention to. It’s almost like…if you KNOW the judge is a watercolor person, you wouldn’t want to “enter” unless you also did watercolors. Please let me know when you have a watercolor person judging and I will then proceed to enter the contest. Maybe there are just more oil people entering?

(Connie McLennan) #2

No watercolors in the last few months, but…

There is a w/c among the top 15 in both Jan & Feb of this year, and a number of top 15 works in other media in most other months. The February judge is a watercolorist whose winners were all oil.

Dec 2015–a w/c got second place and another placed in the top 15.

October 2015–a watercolorist judged, and her winners also were all oil! Two of her top 15 were w/c.

Sept 2015–judged by a pastel artist; she chose three w/c’s for her top 15 and gave another one second place.

In August 2015, Carol Marine chose a w/c for first place. Her top 15 included four w/c’s, a colored pencil, a pastel, and an acrylic.

So based on the past year, which is a far back as I checked, I’m not sure your conclusion is accurate. Seems more likely it’s a matter of oils far outnumbering other media in the works submitted.

(Pamela Hamilton) #3

Actually, I was a judge several months back, and I’m a pastelist! I chose the works that I thought were best deserving.

(Anna Penny) #4

Thanks Pamela. That’s what I would hope would happen. I appreciate everyone’s input :slight_smile: