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DPW Auction Picks

(Patricia Barnes) #1

What are peoples’ thoughts regarding DPW Auction Picks. I notice a lot of florals and certain artists being recognized frequently. Are there patterns others have noticed. For the most part, I am in the dark and often surprised.

(Theresa Taylor Bayer) #2

It’s nice to get picked, 'cause it feels good. But getting picked doesn’t necessarily mean it will sell in the auction, and vice versa. I’m more concerned with it selling, even though I feel highly complemented if my artwork is picked. :^)

(Jacqueline Davis) #3

I generally love the picks. I think they are really good choices. I don’t see all the auction picks but I do see all the Facebook picks because they appear on my Facebook page. On facebook it seems to be a good mix of landscape and still life. I’m always blown away and inspired by the talent.

I’d be interested to know how auction picks and Facebook picks are differentiated though, or if it’s just randomly distributed between the two.