DPW Artist Venues Feature - Examples

Looking for artists who have implemented the “venue” feature in DPW. The guide seems easy to follow, but I’m much better at understanding if i can see a few examples. Also, maybe too complicated, but wondering if the idea is the brick and mortar gallery handles the sale vs some sort of loop back to DPW (assuming the artist makes the sold update in DPW regardless). I guess the scenario would be - buyer buys painting then goes to B&M to pick it up. Any examples or thoughts greatly appreciated. TIA - Johnna

I am using this venue feature to help remind me where I have some of my paintings in galleries or other places. There is no link, as far as I can see, with the sale of the art and the gallery.

I like the venue feature, but I wish it was easier to use. I would like to be able to mark the artwork’s location in the artwork edit page where I type in the title, price, etc. I find it awkward searching for the art to add it to the list. I don’t think the public sees the location of the piece on my gallery page. It is for my own information only, I think. When I add a work of art to a gallery list, I mark the artwork as “on hold”. In the description I type in the gallery info if someone wants to go to the gallery and buy it.
That is how I have been using the DPW feature.

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Thank you for your response and taking the time to comment. I’ll try poking around with the feature. Seems like you could add the location name and address in one of the screens, but not sure I really understood how it all worked. If i discover anything helpful, I’ll let you know. thanks again. Johnna