DPW and the Pinterest button

Feeling overwhelmed a bit about social media–I just noticed a few of my DPW paintings have numbers next to the “Pinterest” button. I just created a Pinterest account, thinking I could see who pinned my work but not sure how to do that.

Can anyone share any insights on getting the most out of Pinterest?

For cryin’ out loud, the LAST thing I need is another time-sucking web site that lures me out of the studio with pictures of puppies… :wink:


I have an account, but I don’t have any pages or spend any time on Pinterest. You can find which of your pieces have been posted by doing a Pinterest search for your name.

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Whenever I post on DPW, I just click the button Pinterest to also post the piece on my Pinterest board. (Thank you for the button DPW!) I don’t do much else on Pinterest but on my profile, I can see who and when people have liked or repinned my art.

I recently took the few minutes to make separate boards on Pinterest because it was a real jumble. It separated my art into a few categories and I made a few boards for some amazing art I found on Pinterest.

Proceed with caution, you can kind of get lost in it if you keep on clicking on the pretty pictures. :wink:


I feel your pain, Jeanne! I think the key is consistency and to give it some time. When I post a painting to DPW, I have a regular routine. I do everything at the end of the day, so as not to interfere with my day job and my painting. I photograph the painting, then immediately post to DPW, along with my Facebook art page. I do post to Pinterest, but not through DPW, because I’ve found that for some reason the photo looks terrible on Pinterest when I do it that way. So I just go to Pinterest and post it there. Then I go back to Facebook and post it to my personal page, and to the painting groups I belong to on Facebook: Painting Friends and Today’s Impressionist Painters. Then I also post it to my blog, as well as Daily Painters of Arizona and Contemporary Fine Art International blogs. All this takes about 10 minutes – not long. Once you post to DPW, you can just copy and paste the info to other places.

As a person who was born decades before the word “computer” crept into daily use, I’ve ignored all the social media, bar Pinterest. I avoid the twitterati, and wouldnt trust FB any further than I could throw it. Pinterest is just visual; but I admit it is easy to spend hours on it looking at all those pictures, because quite frankly there are some incredible art images in the lists.
I keep a few boards on there just to amuse myself and “collect” images…but I have just today made a little board with some of my DPW pictures on it and already three have been pinned. Whether or not any sales will result, that’s another matter entirely…one can but hope.

Hi Sunny. I was reading this post and was wondering if you could tell me where the Pinterest button is on DPW. I always post to Facebook from my paint works but don’t see where Pinterest is. Thx.

Hi, sorry @pfrasier I just saw your question! I access it from the pop up of my art. There may be a shorter way but after I list a new piece on DPW, I go to my gallery, click the art piece which pops open its own window and the pinterest, fb like, share buttons are there. Although I fb list from my art tracking page.

Thank you Sunny. It seems so obvious now :wink: