Dollars or pounds? Prices

Hi, new here. Is there any way to set my prices in pounds? As it seems to only do US dollars, Ive just googled todays conversion rate and put that so that the price just about matches the price on my Etsy store. Is that OK, do you think? What do other UK sellers do? Thanks for any input.

I’m not UK, but a quick question to support will get you a quick answer!

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You can’t set the price in anything other than USD, as far as I know.

When I started selling here, I took what I charged in GBP, converted it, and rounded it to an even number of USD. (For example, putting $40 instead of $39.86) It might be 25p, 50p different to what I’d charge if selling in the UK, but I doubt anyone is going to fuss that much about such a small amount.

I’ve found it’s best not to get too nit-picky over getting prices to match exactly, as the conversion rate fluctuates constantly (and can go quite wild at times, as it did for a while after Brexit) you’ll only drive yourself mad. Find a number that more-or-less matches your GBP price, but that also looks nice in USD. And pray that the conversion stays relatively stable for a while, so you don’t have to adjust it every month, haha… Best of luck with sales!

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Thanks for that @jmneedham very useful, and thanks for the good wishes!