Does anyone use Fineartamerica?

I actually tried them. After looking at there reviews I realized they had a lot of bad reviews about money. So I removed my art. Would love y’all’s opinion on them?

I used them a few times maybe 5 years ago. Then a. couple of years ago I used them for some tea towels. The images were smeared and terrible. I haven’t had money issues with them though.

Their quality has been good for me. No problems with money. Sometimes they can take a month to pay, but I always get paid.

I put some art on there but never sold anything.

That’s not good, them seemed professional. I’m glad I ask this question. Thank you Emilie

So glad to hear this. I’m kinda sitting on the fence. Thank you Tara

I see them in google a lot, I guess that is a good thing. Thanks for your comment Andrea

I have used them for years. For me it’s a good option if people want prints, etc. I never had luck making and marketing prints on my own. I get paid on time and never had an issue.

I have a free account with them. I have around 20 images on their site. A few times a year someone buys a print and I get paid without any problems. It doesn’t add up to much but it’s passive income. I have a link on my blog so maybe that helps.

I have used them for about 10 years. I run all my purchases through them. No problems. I have not used the framing or prints. I think it combined with DPW has been perfect for me.

I put some art on that site but no sales yet.
I ordered two small prints on wood recently and they sent them with huge cleats for mounting which I did not want or request and was certainly not necessary. I had designated wired hangers. After a few emails they replaced them with the correct hangers but they were not friendly about it. I have no intention of ordering more from them and will probably remove my art from the site. I’ve had great success with and is excellent and great quality but expensive.

I saw some of my work being stolen by Chinese “artists” that they allow to happen, so I don’t post any work there anymore. I feel Fine Art America should protect their artists from known pirates like this, and their refusal to do so tells me all I need to know.

I had work up on FAA for about 10 years, but took it all down, except 2 paintings. Over the years I sold one painting to an interior designer and had a very good experience selling other work to one patron because she saw my work on FAA. She still buys work from me now and then via email. I noticed that most of the visitors were from China and a well known Chinese location for copying art. So I took down my listings. I left 2 up just to see who was still looking at my work. I did sell a print or two each year and was paid for them, but it took a long time to get paid. I don’t know how to keep evil people from copying work off the internet, except to keep the file size low, no higher than 72 dpi. But of course they can just make their own painting using my painting as a reference. Frustrating for all of us artists.

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That is terrible, what good is copywriter if people are allowed to steal others Art. The bad reviews always out weighs any good reviews. Thank you that tells me a lot about them.

Not perfect for me. Thanks

I’m curious how you linked FAA to DPW. I’ve done it and can’t find a way to get people to go to FAA for prints from DPW.