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Does Anyone Know About Le Galeriste Montreal?

I received an email from Le Galeriste in Montreal offering me an opportunity to sell my art as “wearable” art. I don’t plan on signing up, but just curious to know if anyone has done this or what you might know about this site.

Good day, Judy! I do not know of such a gallery. Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about this.

Hi Judith, I got the same email. Never heard of them before. Marcia

Thanks for letting me know!

I have printed several art works on La Galeriste products.

You initially get to use 3 artworks. Their designers will place your art on a group of clothing type of your choosing.

I ordered several pieces to check on sizing and quality. Quality is great, and washes beautifully. The fabric for the knits is similar to Canadian brand Sympli, or even Ribkoff.

I had more success with my abstract work translating to fabric.

I have just placed a larger order for birthday presents and holiday sales. Larger orders make a huge difference in per unit price, of course.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for letting me know about your experience with La Galeriste! I don’t think my type of art would translate well to clothing, otherwise I might try it out.

I just read your question and had to look them up on Google. They have a great range, from bold to subtle, and I really enjoyed seeing all the art turned into clothing, tablecoths, bags and even masks for Covid. Very clever and cool.

I’m intrigued with the wearable art. Almost makes me want to create a painting just for this purpose!