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Does anybody teach oil painting workshops from home?

Hi everybody. I was wondering, does anybody teach oil painting workshops from home?
I’d be interested in learning about your experience?
What are the pros and cons of doing this?

I’d be particularly interested to know if there are any legal drawbacks to this?

I only have a small space - I could probably fit about 6 people comfortably but I could leave everything set up. I was thinking of just asking friends along to start to see if I could make this work?

Any sage advice appreciated!


Myself, I would do a mock class with my family. Haha. Not enough confidence to open it up to other people.

I think asking friends is a great idea to start. My daughter is in Charlotte and she has a friend who teaches art classes from her home. There is NO LACK of students in Charlotte and my niece in Raleigh does well too. They are self taught and started teaching as a way to get extra money on the side. Both quite successful, they are outgoing personalities. I imagine has a lot to do with where you are located too.

Thank you Sunny,

Would you know if your friends had to buy any special insurance to teach people in their own home?

I do occasional small group (up to 6), semiprivate, and private instruction in my home studio. I’ve not done heavy promoting of this… they tend to be through word of mouth, neighbors or friends. I’ve never considered legal ramifications. One of my favorite offerings is “parallel painting” sessions, whereby I begin by reviewing their interim work and get them started on work while in my studio. Then I do my own painting (which they can observe if they wish) and they can call on me during that time for help. During that three-hour period I will still check on their progress, regardless. I particularly like that scenario because not only am I teaching but I’m also painting! Good luck! (Your work is gorgeous, by the way!)

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Thank you Karen!
This was what I was thinking… keeping it informal at least at first. There is a local adult ed center that I could potentially teach at, but I’d like to practice on friends first. Plus it’s just so much nicer to have people in your own home.
I’m thinking of starting in the new year. but I need to have a good clearout first!

I have another question: Do you provide easels or any materials / brushes for newbies?
I was thinking of investing in a couple of extra cheap easels (I already have 4 easels) - they have them in Joe’s Art Supply for less than $20 each.

I already had various extra easels. It’s not just easels but also support for palettes, etc. I’ve been able to find $10 wooden tray tables for that purpose and still life setups. If I’m teaching a group, one student will use my main workspace. I think some would have their own and could bring theirs. The main thing I needed to consider was lighting for still life setups. I have several pole lights for that. Fortunately, I have an adjacent walk in attic where I can store all this not in use. :slight_smile: by the way, I don’t charge a huge amount for these lessons but I probably would be getting more than if I taught at our local arts Center. Also, I can make the dates flexible for myself and the students this way. It’s just so much fun to teach that I would almost do it for free!

She doesn’t but now that you say that-even more reason I never will do it. Hadn’t even crossed my mind. Good luck!

Yes @Artgirl68 I agree, your work is lovely!

Oh, thank you so much guys! :blush:

Karen, great idea about the tray tables. I had a look around and you are right, you can pick them up very cheaply.

Thanks for all the help guys.

I teach in my home studio one day a week and have done that for over a year. You get to know the students really well which is a perk. You get new friends! .I ask for a one month commitment and to notify me if they are unable to attend.

I am curious: for those of you who teach lessons/workshops (or have family and friends that do), what is the going rate for lessons? I have contemplated doing this, but have no idea where to start with pricing, lesson duration, and location (I had not even thought about legal drawbacks).

This has been an interesting topic and I can’t wait to see more.

Hi Lori, my local adult school charges between $25 and $30 per person for two hour lessons, usually as a 6 week block, so around $150 to $180 for a 6 week block of lessons.
That’s what I will use as a guide if I decide to go ahead.

Hope that helps.

Yes, it helps. Thanks so much for responding.

I used to teach kids to paint at a school near my home.