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Do you take the labels off your brushes?

(Gary Westlake) #1

Here is a question for you: Do you remove those annoying bar code sticky labels from your brushes before you use them? And part B to this question: Do you think this says anything about what kind of artist you are?

(Carol Marine) #2

Hi Gary! I definitely remove those sticky labels. Otherwise the brush ends tend to get hooked on each other when you pull them out of the brush container. That can cause all sorts of accidents when you’re painting! I speak from experience. And B, I think this says one is a “practical” kind of artist, which I am proud to consider myself.

(Jacqueline Davis) #3

Yes I remove the labels. I’m very particular about looking after my brushes. I keep them really clean and conditioned - including the handles! Since good quality brushes don’t come cheap, it just makes sense to look after them so that they last as long as possible. Also when starting a new painting, it’s a pleasure to pick up a brush that still feels like new.
What does that say about me as an artist? Erm… that I’m cheap and/or obsessive. :grin:

(Sharon Egan) #4

Yes. I remove the labels. Holding a brush with a label on it would really, really bug me! Of course I also cut the labels out of my clothing, lol. What does that say about me? I guess it means I like to be comfortable!

(Anne Wood) #5

Yes, I do. I hate their untidy appearance.

(Anne Wood) #6

I cut them out too Sharon…especially those scratchy ones at the neck.

(Christine Derrick) #7

I hate barcode labels being stuck on everything. A few years ago I was painting small ACEO cards and bought a set of Pro Arte miniature painting brushes (the ones with the triangular handles instead of round ones). Although I purchased them online, every bloomin’ brush arrived with a label stuck on. My attempts to peel one off started to lift the varnish and paint off the handle…gave up and just used them as they were. Finally did get a few off but there was a sticky residue left on the brush handle. Thank goodness they don’t do that with pastels!!

(Trisha Adams) #8

Hi Christine, Goo Gone will remove the adhesive residue left when removing a label.