Do you have a strategy for painting white objects?

I find particularly challenging to paint objects that are white. How do you mix the best colours for them that make them still read as white without having them look dead?

Tint the white slightly with any other color, cool or warm. Reserve pure white for small touches. Do a search on dpw with the keyword ‘white’ and see what others do…

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Look up John Singer Sargent. He painted many women in beautiful white dresses. I love to paint white! There is so much color in white. Have you seen the shadows in snow? The lavenders and blues are incredible! Only the highlight is pure white—all the rest is full of color. It’s a virtual playground for color.


I agree with Andrea about studying John Singer Sargent’s work. He was a master at painting white things.

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White objects are favorites of mine. There is so much color on them from anything nearby reflecting into them, or from the sky or ground if outside. It is fun to play with how much color you can add to them and still make them appear white. It’s really a question of correct values like every other color. My favorote artist to look at for this: Morandi. The master. Oooh, now I want to go paint something white, thank