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Do you have a favorite painting exercise from a workshop or class?

(Aimee Deneweth) #1

Hi Artists, I’m always looking for interesting, enjoyable and helpful exercises for my students such as Dreama’s “musical easels” for those of you who have possibly enjoyed this as I have. Or the “brush count” exercise. These “exercises” could be for abstract or representational painting and for any level either from your own teaching or haven taken a workshop. Thanks so much and happy painting! Aimee

(Jason Rodriguez) #2

I always like studying Notans the very essence of the underlying light and dark structure of any beautiful painting. Done with using just 2 values, Black and White one has a little bit of choosing what is light enough to make white. Which brings up another great exercise…massing!
Or try Notans using 4 values light,half-light, half dark,dark!
I’m always surprised at what I can paint with 4 values. I especially love other artists attempts it’s always inspiring! Hope that helps?!