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Do you find pintrest helpful?

I am contemplating starting a pintrest even though late to the game. Do you feel it has helped you? What about a business pintrest vs personal? Any thoughts appreciated.

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I tried to set up a Pinterest site and I did but it is all messed up. I seem to have more than one Pinterest site somehow. So it has been no help to me except I love browsing around in it.

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I have a business Pinterest account for my website www.trishaadams.com.
Of the 4884 visitors to my website in the last 30 days, 2882 came from Pinterest which is 53% of the total traffic. When someone signs up for my newsletter, the welcome email also asks how they found me. The majority of people who respond say Pinterest.
When I add new paintings to my website, I always pin it. It is just two clicks and, unlike other social media posts, it takes mere seconds to do.


I only have a personal Pinterest page. The site is easy to use and provides endless ideas on everything; art, clothes, recipes, housewares. I have purchased items that I found and linked to from Pinterest. I can see how the site would be beneficial to businesses.

When I was selling on DPW I posted everything to my personal Pinterest, which also had links to my website (no longer live). A lot of the website traffic came from Pinterest, but DPW post to their own Pinterest and it may have come from that rather than any pinning I did.
I have no idea if I ever sold anything as a result of Pinterest. Probably not. My sales came from word-of-mouth, DPW and Google searches. Even Facebook didn’t generate anything other than time-wasting enquiries that led nowhere, but this could just have been bad luck.
Pinterest is a big source of images for Chinese knock-offs. I decided this didn’t bother me - fancy being high profile enough to be ‘knocked-off’ (!) is what I thought, but I know some artists forbid the use of Pinterest for this reason.
Otherwise, Pinterest is a fabulous cornucopia of ideas and colour and stimulation. It is thus also a FANTASTIC waster of time that ought to be spent painting :grimacing::joy:


I love Pinterest as it is an endless search library that’s easy to navigate…
recipes, ideas for repurposing, techniques for arts and crafts, photography
and of course wonderful, inspirational art in any genre!

Pinning from your personal website provides viewers the opportunity
to click and be taken there for potential sales.
One can also pin from selling sites like Etsy and potential buyers
can click the pin and be taken to your Etsy shop where the art
is for sale and then purchase it there…

I just set up a Pinterest account. I was surprised to find my art already on there, posted by folks and DPW. Some of the posted ones have sold, maybe Pinterest is why.

I tried setting up a biz account too, but could not get the claim your website to work on it, so I got rid of the biz account and just kept the personal one. Not much difference really. You can pin from the web with your personal account. With the biz account you can create pins by uploading your photos from your computer and adding a web link.

Anyway, I am pinning from DPW, Etsy, Fine Art America / Pixels, and my blog, Instagram, Twitter…
Endless possibilities.

I couldn’t claim this site on Pinterest too, but have business account anyway.
I found that Pinterest is actually search engine, not social media or site, and I have views from it for some sites (DPW which I made my website and some others), but not for others like Pixels for example, don’t know why.
It’s also important to write description and a few keywords with hashtags.

Hi everybody, I realize this discussion is many months “old” but I’m fairly new to dpw and, looking over the art forum subjects, this one caught my attention. I have been considering joining Pinterest as a marketing tool for my art. Well I should say, “rejoining,” since I did start a Pinterest account many years ago, just to see what the fuss was about. But I never really got the hang of it and, truth be told, I didn’t spend much effort to learn “how to Pinterest,” so my old account is I presume, dormant… will need to investigate! Thank you all for your info and experiences regarding Pinterest, your comments are very helpful! I think I will give Pinterest another go, but more “professionally” this time! :wink:

On Pinterest I found a profile of developers https://ckt-soft.com/web-site-development/landing-page.html who helped me develop my online store. So Pinterest had a big impact on my business.

Hi! Looks like you are an expert at Pinterest! I cant seem to find your DPW link on your pins, though. Are you still using it?

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Hi, Emily. Here’s my Pinterest page – https://www.pinterest.com/trishaadamsart/_created/

I use Pinterest to gather paintings I like so I can refer back to them, enjoy them, try to figure out how to solve a problem I am having, get inspired, etc: