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Do I need my own website in addition to DPW?

When signing up with DPW i purchased a Domain name for $20 and use my DPW as my website. I noticed most artists had their own website in addition to DPW. Is that necessary? what are the benefits?

Nah, not necessary. If you have a free blog, or somewhere to let others get to know you better, to share non art post related info, to collect email addresses for sending your posts, etc. I use blogspot.com. Very easy to set up and use. Peruse other artists who have been around for a while and see what they are doing. (Featured artists on DPW for instance)

Good idea Sunny. Thanks so much!

Agree with Sunny, I find having the DPWs site and using blogspot.com works just fine. You can set up your blog to have a website appearance, by adding extra pages.

That’s a thought. Thank you Mary.

Nadia, to be honest, I don’t think it’s necessary. I do have a website (not with DPW) and I display my work there, but I don’t sell on my own website. It’s too much trouble to keep it updated, with prices, PayPal merchant codes, sold items, etc. It is soooo much easier to use DPW for that – they operate an excellent storefront, with excellent support.

I wasn’t aware that DPW offers websites, but if you want one, that would be a great way to do it. And $20 for a domain name is a steal. In my opinion, in terms of marketing, it would be better to have a Facebook page for your art (separate from your personal Facebook page). It would get seen by so many more people than a website, and you can purchase low-cost ads on Facebook to boost your posts or your page.

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Stevie, I wanted to add that the websites we offer are the very same store front, i.e. the DPW Gallery pages, that you mentioned, which every member has as part of their membership.

Any member can do what Nadia did, at any time, which is to point their own custom domain name to their DPW Gallery.

Here is mine, for example: www.carolmarine.com

Further, you can customize your DPW Gallery by setting a font and color for your name up at the top, by adding custom categories, and by creating custom pages for workshops, classes, events, etc. and custom store pages for selling anything you want, such as books, prints, cards, calendars, etc.

You can read about customizing and adding categories to your DPW Gallery here:


Read about adding custom store pages here:


Or, you can look through all these help articles and more here:



I have my domain name too, but I can’t make it work with DPW. How can you achieve it?

With which service is your domain name registered? (GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc.) That provider will have easy directions for redirecting your domain name.

THANKS A LOT! I can’t believe how many months I was trying to do so!