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Discount for purchase of 2nd painting

Hello… i would like to offer discount to my buyer if she would like to buy another of my paintings. Is it possible to create discount on DPW?

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I don’t know the answer to this, but would also like to offer such a discount! Why don’t you ask David Marine (the owner of DPW) this question? He is very smart and good about getting answers!

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Thanks RSPerry, :smiley::framed_picture::art: i enjoyed reading forum, but i have not seen any topics related to question…

This would be a great idea - especially with the holidays approaching. I’d like to see a discount code / percentage that could be applied to any painting before connecting with PayPall since they don’t offer something like this either. We have details on previous buyers so we could send an email and the “code” to them. A way to retire or disable the code would be quite helpful for when the promotion is over. TIA David for your thoughts :wink: @Daily_Paintworks


Did you get a discount code? I want to do that as well.

not yet (ever hopeful tho). :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Kinda frustrating. Though.


I offered a rebate over the holidays- purchase at reg. price then PayPal them back the discount amount. I paid a bit more in PayPal fees- but it spurred quite a few sales. Just an idea of a work around.

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