Digital Image Sales

I’ve got a buddy who wants to use my artwork to put on furniture and wall hangings for her shop. What should I do? and what should I charge? I don’t want to sell her total rights to my artwork.

Hi Anna, I had the same issue with someone who wanted to put one of my cricket drawings on some of their T-shirts. They were in Australia and I’m in the UK. In the end I sent them the digital image for the cost of a print with strict instructions that they were only permitted to use the image for the purpose they had proposed and for no other reason. Stipulated that copyright of the image remained with me. To be honest I haven’t heard anything and have no idea how it went. I control print sales of my work which is a steady income, I’m often asked by people to use my images in return for them to promote my work (in other words they want it for nothing). I turn them down now. I used to get it alot when I first started but hardened up to it after a while. Good luck

You’ve said it is a buddy…so trust isn’t an issue? And is the shop local? How are they put on furniture? Or wall hangings? Could you use a commission model and do a split of the sales? I would think you could have a conversation to come to an amiable agreement, no need for total rights to the work.

And your card could be given out for future sales if someone likes your style and wanted something else…
It sounds like it’s all good to me. :slight_smile:

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