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Daily views for What’s New page

I’m curious how many views/clicks all of the 200+ pieces of art get while being on the front page (WHAT’S NEW page). I’d like to know what the average is. So far I can find only my own stats, but don’t see the averages stats for the whole community. Anybody know if this data is available? Thank you!

Hello, Tracy,

No, I don’t think the data is available. At some point, you were able to see the average number of views. But this information was really hard to use, since some of the paintings have been sitting at the gallery for quite some time and had many views at the beginning of the day, and some were just uploaded. Also, not all views come from the visitors of the “What’s New” page. Many artists advertise their paintings on social media, and their viewers come using direct links to the paintings. So, the average number of views was sort of confusing information, and I guess that was the reason it was removed. But you can always write to the DPW support team, and they will answer your question.

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Gotcha. Thanks so much for the historical info, Irina!

Also there were some people who have been here from the beginning and have huge followings, so that skewed it as well.

Thank you Charlotte. It would be a good way to feel discouraged, so maybe it’s better to have it gone.