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Daily Paintworks Auction format suggestion

Hi there,

I have a question (or comment) about the format of the Daily Paintworks auction page and how it has changed. I might be remembering this wrong, so apologies if I am…

When I first signed up to Daily Paintworks a number of years ago, I seem to remember that when I opened up the site, I would get sent straight to an auction page with ‘Active Bidding’ at the top of the page.
The active bidding auctions would rotate every few seconds. I really liked that format, it felt dynamic and engaging.

Now when I open up the site, it goes straight to a static front page with all the paintings that have been posted that day.

To see auctions, you have to select the auctions tab - you then get sent to a page of static auctions which invariably has about 10 paintings by an artist called ‘V Y’ right at the top (not sure I even understand how this happens, but anyway)…
To see ‘active bidding’ you have to select a further option.

I just wanted to say that I much preferred the old format with rotating active bidding. I think this was a good while ago so I could be remembering the whole thing wrong. But the site used to have a feeling of dynamism that seems to be lost without this feature.

I know people have commented about ‘low number of views and engagement’ and I wondered if this could be part of the reason?
Just a suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face:

DPW has always opened to the “What’s New” and not to an auction page. You are right about there having been what we called, an auctions landing page, which opened when the auction tab/link at the top of the site was clicked. That page did have four rotating sections of “Ending Soon”, “Just Added”, “Active Bidding”, and “DPW Picks”, same as the links in the left-side quick search bar.

I was never really happy with that page because, for performance reasons, it only was able to rotate through the top 50 auctions in each section and it didn’t offer any search capability. I felt like it was just another page to have to click through to be able to view and search on all the auctions. So, I decided over a year ago to remove the page to better streamline full access to the auctions.

I think the reason for the “low number of views and engagement” varies from artist to artist, strongly dependent on talent and skill, however it is, in general, also due to the ever greater competition as more artists, world-wide, sell online. Further, auction sales are only a small percentage of total sales through DPW and so I can’t see how not putting the auctions front and center would have a significant effect on overall sales.

The reason there is a good chance you’ll see 10 auctions by “V Y” up at the top of an auction page is because he is a prolific artist and poster to DPW, with over 300 active auctions at any given time. It was because of this that I limited the number of auctions displayed for any given day to 10 per artist, so an artist couldn’t monopolize the page.

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Thanks so much for the detailed explanation David. My memory obviously isn’t what it used to be. :wink:
I guess what I was trying to say about the ‘active bidding’ page is that I really liked the movement in it.
I liked that if someones painting flashed across that I like the look of, I’d sometimes go and take a look at their gallery. It’s a small detail I guess.
It’s a bit like the ‘Daily Paintworks’ widget that people are able to put on their blogs. It’s something to draw the eye / adds a bit of a different dimension than a purely static screen on a persons blog (really like that widget BTW).
Anyway, just my two cents. I haven’t posted anything myself in ages. :disappointed_relieved: (intending to do something about that).

Since we’re on the auction discussion, please explain the auction picks of the day. I am often notified a painting was selected but it’s never seemed to help sales. What is the goal? Thx.

If you click on Auctions tab, there are gazillions. They are listed by time ending so the odds are slim someone will scroll through them all. If your painting is a DPW Auction Pick, it’s featured when you click on that selection on the left hand column. I view it as similar to being on Amazon, when I’m looking for an item and sort by number of fave reviews. Helps me narrow it down, and hopefully, visitors to DPW use the Auction Picks the same way to see those narrowed down. To be a Facebook Pick is great in that your painting gets posted to FB. I’ve had a few of those, and while that painting may not sell, it may bring more eyeballs to your gallery.

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Yes I love the facebook picks.
If you are a facebook user, it’s a great idea to ‘follow’ and ‘like’ the daily paintworks facebook page, so that the picks get shared onto your facebook newsfeed everyday.
I find it very inspirational.

This format really confuses me. I could not find my auction on ebay.

@valeriepaints2019, If I understand correctly, you have created an auction in DPW and are expecting it to show up on eBay? If so, our auctions are completely separate from eBay auctions and only show up on DPW. Our auctions also are fine art only and charge only about 1/3 the commission of eBay auctions.