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Daily email open rates?

I’ve always been curious–for the daily email, is there any way to know which days of the week get the highest open rates?

One might think it’s weekends–but would be nice to know. I don’t post very frequently and so would like to schedule my uploads on days that get the most opens.


@jeanne_bruneau, DPW uses Google Groups to send out the Daily Email. Unfortunately, Google Groups doesn’t gather information on open rates.

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I read recently that Tuesday and Saturday are the best days. If you send on a Tuesday be sure to make it late afternoon or evening for optimum open rate. The theory is that if you send in the morning on a weekday, most people are focussing on the important emails for work etc. so your email could end up in the spam folder. So afternoon or evening stands more of a chance of being opened. I think it also depends on your audience though. And I think one should do tests, sending emails on different days and seeing which is best. I send most of mine on Saturday and usually get an above average open rate.


thanks for the reply, David!

I’m re-activating my presence on DPW - noticed daily email requires (I think) to join Google Groups. it’s unavoidable for me as an artist, but know some people are not keen to join GG due to security. Any insights on how this might impact the audience reach? I can only imagine the challenges of maintaining a list this size. p.s. I recently switched to GMAIL so that might be impacting what and how i receive the daily email.

@johnna, my apologies for not seeing your question sooner.

I am not familiar with any Google Groups security issues of concern. There were stories last year about companies using GG inadvertently marking their internal groups as public instead of private and so disclosed sensitive information. This, however, was a configuration error and not due to a security issue in GG.

As for signing up to receive our Daily Email, someone does need to “join” to our group. However this is just another name for “subscribing” and is no different from what is required by other platforms used to broadcast emails.

Not sure I know the.answer to this one.