Curious about " What's Selling Page"

I’m confused about how one artist can have 10-15 paintings on the "What’s Selling Page. Maybe the artist has had a gallery show or fair where multiple pieces have sold at once, but otherwise I think I may be missing a marketing trick for showing multiple paintings sold. I’ve seen this happen a few times, so maybe someone has some insight. Just curious.

Some artists have built up a following over time and may well have people purchasing just about everything they post. Go see Carol Marine’s gallery and you will see what I mean. She has a strong and faithful following.

Carol’s appear one or two at a time. I was referencing the “What’s Selling” tab at the top of the home page.

Hi Linda, All of my art sells from other sites. So every once in a while I come to DPW and mark everything that has sold elsewhere as SOLD. So that might be why you see some artists with a number of sales all in one day. Hope this helps. ~Suzanne

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So does this mean that the STATS page includes sales from other sites as well as DPW? How can we tell what the sales stats are for just DPW?

Hi Rhett, Unfortunately you can’t. All of my paintings on DPW are redirected to my Etsy shop. So most of my sales are actually Etsy sales because I list my paintings on both sites. To tell you the truth, I get very few people clicking through from DPW to Etsy, but the monthly fee is so low on DPW I figure what the heck. I have had a few commissions through DPW which were good coin. So I keep on. ~Suzanne

Thank you for your reply. Well, I am new to DPW so am hopeful. It is fun to try anyway. Galleries have not panned out in the last few years, so what choice do I have? Etsy is expensive, is it not? I have read people complaining about the cheap Chinese etsy shops taking away from artists in the USA. Tough to sell any art these days. But I am still trying.

Hi Rhett, Sue is correct, currently there is no way to distinguish sales where the checkout is directly through DPW (DPW auction and PayPal link sales) from other click through sales, such as to Ebay, Etsy, Shoppify, FASO, etc.

Carol and I have discussed this issue thoroughly. Here is our thinking on it:

If we only showed the sales that we know for sure went through DPW (DPW auction and PayPal link sales) then it would leave out all the click through sales. Of course, showing all work marked as sold on the page, as we currently do, does include all sales for work listed in DPW but that did not involve DPW.

Further, another very important intended purpose of the “What’s Selling” page isn’t to communicate just sales volume, but also to show what is selling for our members, regardless of how and where.

I am going to go ahead and add something that will give the needed clarity to the sales figures chart. I had intended to do this from the beginning, however I didn’t have the time, at that time. I am going to add more lines to the monthly sales volume line chart - one to show DPW auction sales and another to show PayPal sales. A third line will show all other sales and, finally, one more to show all sales.

Thank you all for the discussion and feedback!


Thanks so much, David!

Hi Linda,
I am also confused regarding the what’s selling page. Can’t tell if it is only work sold through DPW or other venues, I recently posted a sold portrait on DPW and it did not appear on the " What’s selling page ." Actually, I have done this several times and none of my work appears on that page.
I agree, it is hard to believe that any artists have sold 7 to 14 paintings in a day.
I think it is a great feature but DPW needs to make it clear how it works.

Hi Hilarie, I do an art fair in the fall, and yes, last year I did well. Had the “what’s selling” page been up at that time it would have shown 10+ paintings of mine being sold in one day. So, I think that it can occur, as well as if an artist had a gallery show and several paintings sold. Also, if a new member marks multiple paintings sold in one day, my guess is that might show up? Not sure. What can also happen (I think!) is that you can change the selling date. If an artist has a return or a auction whereby the customer doesn’t pay those are some possible reasons one might change the sale date. You might email David about why your paintings haven’t shown up :slight_smile:

I don’t believe any of my art showed up in the “what’s selling” section when I listed them as already being sold outside of DPW.

@ponypainter, I looked for your sold art on the “What’s Selling” page and was able to find all of it, however, I had to be sure to look at the month for the sold date of each work. Can you give me an example of a sold work that is not showing up as it should? Please email me at

As for confusion over what type of sales (directly through DPW: auctions and PayPal links - or not: Ebay, Etsy, etc.), the statistics popup on the page now communicates that more clearly by including a charted line for each type of sale.

Yes, unfortunately, the Achilles heel of the “What’s Selling” page is that it relies on the accuracy of the underlying sold dates (“Status Changed” column in the Art Tracking Grid). If an artist marks 10 paintings as sold at once, without setting the date the work was actually sold, then the sold date will default to the date the work was set as sold and the 10 works will all show up on the “What’s Selling” page in one block. While I don’t know how to stop that from happening, to help counter that phenomenon, I have made it so that no more than five consecutive works from a given artist will show up on the page.

In spite of this inherent weakness of the page being only as accurate as its data, I do think the “What’s Selling” still communicates valuable information. I am also grateful for all the feedback that has helped me improve both the page and the site in general!

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David, thank you for looking into this. The “What’s Selling” page is a fabulous feature and the statistics page is very informative.

I’ve sent you an email … thanks!

Hi Rhett,
Etsy is not expensive but it is quite crowded. It costs 20 cents to list an item for 4 months.
Also they take a cut when something sells and require you to offer their own payment
processing account (just like Paypal)…and you can offer other payment methods such
as Paypal as well; I have noticed that since they put in their own payment processing, most
of my sales are there rather than in Paypal as it is featured more prominently (its called
Etsy Payments). Of course Etsy stock has gone up since they began handling the
payments, lol…I would guess it has contributed to their bottom line, heh.
Might be worth a try as it isn’t expensive…but as I said…it is crowded…as most sites are.
LD - Tennessee