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Cracked oil paint

(Sunny Avocado) #21

I looked her up, I love her stuff. https://www.haideejo.com/

I haven’t painted anything on anything but paper for a while. I think I’m safe with that…don’t anyone tell me otherwise! AAAAA.

(Jean Wyman) #22

Sunny, it may well be the board, but using too much turp with your paints can also make them crack.

(Sunny Avocado) #23

Yes, I do use a bit to do couple thin layers before I get serious, so that could be it as well.

This has really made me panel-shy even oil paint shy now.

(Joseph Mahon) #24

Hi Sunny,

Don’t lose your confidence. If I gesso a panel, I degrease with methylated spirits, then I always seal it with two coats of Golden GAC 100 or at least acrylic Matt medium, then gesso. I still think it was the boards at fault. It is not uncommon to just use gesso.

(Sunny Avocado) #25

Thanks Joseph! I will go back and paint some more…at some point.

(Christine Derrick) #26

I like to use panels, too. Ampersand are a tad costly here in Britain but I have a number and they are really nice to use. I also sometimes cut up MDF board, seal that with a mdf sealer or Golden’s GAC100, and then add two or three coats of acrylic gesso (got Liquitex at the moment).
But larger paintings pose problems because rigid panels are of course heavier. Although not active now on DPW, I’m still painting and have branched out a bit onto some larger pieces and am using stretched canvas. I rarely purchase ready-done stretched canvas any more because a lot of them are more like trapeziums than rectangles. I buy the stretcher-bars and canvas and do my own, then I know they’ve got ninety-degree corners!:grinning:
I learned a trick about sagging canvases; spray the back with water, sponge it around a bit and then lie the thing down to dry naturally. Tightens up like a drum!

(Sunny Avocado) #27

So glad you are still at it! Found any other avenues for selling or are you concentrating on the creating?

(Christine Derrick) #28

Well, I’ve sold a couple of little ones at local shows…and was rather taken aback by the sale of three larger pieces around Christmas/New Year (about 2 feet wide), via an online gallery that I’ve been a member of for about four years (a British one). They were rather abstracty pieces, too…not something I do much of, other than for play and experiment. Guess I’ll have to do some more now! Other avenues…not specially, the commission rates charged by some are real hefty, very off-putting. But yes, still painting and having fun.