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Coping with too much green

(Ken Rice) #1

Hi there, I have a few landscape images that I would like to paint, but the problem for me is that they are predominantly green. I have tried painting one of these images in the past, but it looks a bit monotonous.
How do you cope with this dilemma without going too mad with colour?

(Andrea Jeris) #2

Ha Ha… I live in Michigan and when we finally get weather where we can paint outside everything is green for most of the summer. I find it helpful to make a color chart mixing all my yellows with all my blues (and black if you have it–yellow and black make a nice green). Then add to those a little orange to warm it up; add a little purple for the shadows. Now you have a more colorful painting.

(Jacqueline Davis) #3

Great advice Andrea!

(Trisha Adams) #4

Yes, that is good advice, Andrea! Another trick is to tone the canvas with some sort of red. The resulting painting is enlivened by the bits of ground color showing through.

(Ken Rice) #5

Thank you all for your input.

I should have known these suggestions already as I’ve come across them before…they just haven’t stuck in my mind. So there’s no excuse to stop me painting my green scene now.

I came across this Flickr link that I believe illustrates the good advice from the ladies above. The artist is called Monique Shaw.

Thanks again everyone.

(Sunny Avocado) #6

Karen Margulis just made a post about the subject:

I’m on phone today so can’t see how to make this a link.