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I would like to know if there are any peeps that have good experiences with contests that require entry fees as I have never entered any except of course for DPW of course. It just looked like an easy way for scammers to get some quick funds in. As a matter of fact, I do receive many, many requests in spam folder with requests with obvious scammers and their bad grammar, punctuation etc., telling me they are very interested in my artworks and send them some cash to enter a contest, blah blah blah. DELETE.

So, aside from DPW (a good one), are there any good contests to enter?

I have just begun to explore these venues since online sales seems to be getting near impossible without a lot of marketing expense.

A local artist has the kindness to post various events on her FB page https://www.facebook.com/DebraKeirceArt/ so if you LIKE her page you will her posts when they come up. That’s how I found out about:

this lists quite a few, some are live events which I am not ready to invest in, but some are shows.

http://www.seasideart.com/ holds an annual Miniatures show in May that is non-juried, if you want to tap the miniatures market. Follow them on FB.


https://artatthemill.artcall.org/ (two times a year, get on their mail list for Calls for Artists)

I’m sure there are more and will post when I find some more.

Also am thinking of joining local art club who also does a show 2x/year. Took an art class and someone in the class suggested that to me. So see if your city/nearbycities have local art groups that do shows.

I will check them out, thanks! So much to do, so little time. :smile:

The BoldBrush contest (FASO–Fine Art Studios Online) is top of the line–with competition to match.

Yeah…I don’t think I’d reply to those emails. The “call for Artists” is a lot more reliable when YOU seek them out!

Yup, afraid too far out of my league. Have you entered @Connie_McLennan?

I think I entered once, some time ago. I feel the same way. Trying again was a goal, but I’ve never thought anything was good enough. A friend of mine–Frank Ordaz–won and then judged it a couple of years ago. The prize was nice, but overall I don’t think it changed his life :wink:

Thanks for the link and information.

I entered into the Boldbrush for August. Then posted this to my FB page to ask people to go and LIKE my entry so it would push it up on their LIKED page. I don’t think it does much except get new eyes on your artwork and gets people on FB interacting. Seems like ‘interaction’ is the key these days since it’s flooded with a gazillion art sites now. Like it if you like it:

I ‘liked’ it because I liked it! :smiley:

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