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Concerned About DPW showing up as insecure on Firefox

(Rosemary Antel) #1

As we all become more security and privacy conscious, I am checking to see what sites that I use are secure/insecure. I have noticed that although DPW was secure some time ago, it is not now. Can this perhaps turn off potential customers?

(Daily Paintworks) #2

@Rosemary_Antel, no worries - the security of DPW has not changed. A few days back, however, I was doing some work on the SSL certificate, which enables https, and it was invalid for several minutes at a time throughout the day. Unfortunately, browsers cache (hold on to) SSL certificates and so if you happen to have accessed DPW when the certificate was invalid and are still seeing that, it is because your browser hasn’t yet updated itself.

To see that DPW still shows as secure, just go to another browser than the one you are currently using.

What computer are you on - Windows or Mac? I can post instructions for clearing the SSL cache.

(Carol Marine) #3