Commission..what to charge?

I have a difficult time knowing what to charge for a commission…as the requests are almost always for a larger painting than I usually do. What factors do most people take into consideration? Up until now I have based the price on the size only…

I calculate how much time I expect to spend on the larger size, basing the price on what I charge for my regular-sized paintings. Add a percentage to the price to allow for the customer’s personalized requirements…degree of difficulty, additional time spent responding to the customer’s suggestions, submitting the picture for their approval, etc.

My clients have always been pleased with the price (and the final painting!).

Not sure why the price would change just because it is a commission piece; I usually
stay at the price of my other paintings of the same size. The only thing that might
differ may be the actual surface…which may affect your own costs…eg. deep edge
canvas is a bit costlier…linen over cotton canvas, etc. Should discuss that with the
purchaser on the front end and maybe explain the differences :slight_smile: