Colour cohesion and harmony in a painting

About three days ago…a DPW artist posted an interesting blog article by an ? American artist about integrating colours in a painting to create a cohesive and interesting saleable piece. I read a few lines then I got called away and forgot to save it to read later. Now I cannot remember the link and who and where it was! Can anyone help please?

I just happened to read that then check out art talk. Here you go Anne

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Thank you Joe…this is it!! Now I can enjoy reading it. Thank you also to Connie for posting with her own beautiful painting.

YW. Don’s painting insights are mixed with a lot of other stuff and, due to catastrophic events in his life, most are near the beginning of the blog. It takes time, practice and understanding for his words to resonate–many may not get it, some may flat-out disagree, but these are my jewels. Here are a few more:
The Form Principle
The Color of your Artistic Soul Revealed --the earlier, “unreadable” version he referred to (it’s not)
Self Disclosure

Thank you Connie for all these links to Don Hatfield’s blog. I agree…they are jewels.