Collecting Sales Tax

I live in California and I am unclear how to collect and pay sales tax to buyers from other states who purchase my work on Daily Paintworks. Do I need to collect sales tax? Do I charge my own local tax rate? Do I have to pay the sales tax to the buyer’s state? If so, how do I do that?

I have been selling on Etsy and they collect & pay the sales tax. Etsy charges about 12% in fees, but just taking care of the sales tax is worth it for me. But I do not have all my work up on Etsy and occasionally sell a piece on DPW.

I still have some of my pieces linked to PayPal on DPW. Have other artists used the DPW pay service? Sorry, I don’t know the name of it. Long ago I tried to link to it, but was confused how it worked and I am not sure where on DPW to look it up now.

I would appreciate any responses to my questions.

Daily painter takes care of the sales tax. Send David an email. I’m sure,he’ll confirm this.