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Cold wax finish

I’m interested in learning tips for applying a cold wax finish to paintings. I stumbled upon a youtube that used it to knock down the sheen of a varnish. Has anyone had experience with this?

Hi Deborah -

Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughin just published an awesome book on cold wax entitled “Cold Wax Medium, Techniques Concepts & Conversations”,

Thank you. I will check it out. I have added cold wax to oil paint, but I just wanted t learn to finish a painting with cold wax. Perhaps this book will have info.


I use cold wax in my varnish for all of my paintings. It takes awhile to figure out a ratio that you personally like between too shiny and too dull. I use Gamblin cold wax and Gamvar gloss varnish. The Gamblin web site used to have a video showing the mixing process. Gamblin now makes premixed varnish and wax in two sheens other than gloss. But, to be honest I am not brave enough to use the premix because it gets gloppy while sitting on the self.

Thanks for your reply Bobbie :slight_smile: