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Child proof cap is not cooperating

I’ve pushed down on the lid and twisted, but all I get is a click click click. It’s just a little 4 oz. bottle of Utrecht’s Oil Painting Medium. I bought it through a supplier on the internet and really don’t want to package it up and send it back. Any suggestions on how to open this would be great. If not, I’ll just stick with Graham’s Walnut Oil alkyd. Thanks.

I had this happen with a can of teak oil…it was possible to get a screwdriver and pry off the childproof part and there was a regular metal cap underneath…so now it is un-childproof and works just fine! Perhaps you can do something similar, or force it off in some way, or force it to grip with some of those pliers that are rounded in the part that grips stuff?? Good luck, childproofing can be very annoying!

Thank you…I finally managed to get the lid off.

:grinning: Good job, Patricia!

These bottles deive me crazy, but I do find that if you hold it down while turning it, that seem so do the trick. a bit tricky but it works.