Centurion Linen panels-discrepancy in size

I have used Centurion Oil Primed Linen panels for a while. I really like the surface, just a little tooth for texture but not craters to fill like cotton canvas. I am having another issue with them lately. I started with Oil Primed then decided I should be using Universal Primed because I use water-miscible oils. But when I went to put an 8x10 panel in a frame it didn’t fit. There is a variance in the width from 8 in to 8 1/8. Too tight to force into the frame. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this?

Could it be the frame? I like their panels also and everything is so incredibly machine manufactured. If it’s the panels themselves, I wouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with the seller. Good Luck!!

I really like the surface too. I went through and measured all my panels. The sizes varied in all of them. Have you had any trouble framing yours?

I’ve framed a couple of them with no problem. Usually I sell them unframed on eBay (it makes for cheaper mailing.) and I haven’t had any complaints or returns. If you have a bunch of odd sized ones, as I said before, contact the seller. That doesn’t sound right to me, and you shouldn’t be the one suffering the end result of their error.

Thank you for thinking of me. It seems to just be the 8x10 size. I have documented the problem and sent it to the place I purchased them to review and look at their stock if there isn’t a problem. Now we wait. I have purchased Centurion brand for several years and this is the first time I have had a problem. I hope this is just a one-time thing.

I use them too, but have not bought any lately. I will go back through my stock and see if there is a variance in the size. I have had frames that are not to the correct measurements.

I too use the universal ground, not the oil primed with Cobra and water mixable paint. Works better. I do like them very much. Great texture, but I usually put an extra coat of gesso on top.

Yes, same problem. Loved how the paint just flowed on the linen but when I put the painting in a 8x10 frame it was a 1/16 of an inch to big. They fold over the linen and is mounted on a 3mm (1/8”) MDF wood board causing the panel not to be true to what they specify in size. I also use raymar panels and ampersand panels, they are true to size. You would have to measure the inside of the frame opening before purchasing it. It’s to bad because the quality of the linen is great and it’s not on cardboard it’s on MDF like the ampersand panels.

Hi Linda,
Thank you! I have sent my canvases back to Jerrysartarama where I purchased them. People are asking me “could your frames be off”. May I use your comment to back up my claim? It seems to be mostly the 8x10, I have not purchased the 9x12 recently, and the Universal Primed are more off-size than the Oil Primed.

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Mine are the oil primed linen panels and are a bit larger then an 8x10, so their sizing is off. I also have the oil primed 4x6 and they are off too. It’s not the frame, if you buy a frame the opening is always larger for an 8x10 to fit properly. Yes, you can use my comment on your claim. Keep us updated.

I have experienced it lately with their 8x8 panels as well. So frustrating as I purchased frames specifically for these panels. This is new for me as they are usually accurately sized.

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I don’t use panels but every so often I will have a canvas not be square and not fit into a frame. I’ve used my Dremel Tool to etch out the tight corner of the frame just enough to fit the canvas. Then I stain the etched out part to match the rest of the frame so it’s not obvious should a collector ever take the painting out of the frame. It’s a hassle for sure but in the end you can’t tell there was ever an issue.

Hi Lori,
I had thought about doing that to the frames, which you need for a show. Without a frame is no problem for me to sell but might be a bad surprise for my customers as custom frames are not cheap. I am working to get the problem fixed with the seller. It may take a while to hear back.
Thank you

I have used the centurion oil primed linen for years and I really love them. I have never had a problem until recently. An 8 x 16 panel was off and would not fit in the frame. It was about 1/4" difference. I had to reorder a frame as I had already painted the canvas. I hope they resolve this. It is good information to know that others have had this issue as well. I will measure them from now on before I paint on them.

We all need to email Jerrysartarama customer service about the size discrepancy of their Centurion panels. I did. They are the distributors and need to tell the manufacturers that they are off size.