Canadian artists' experiences

I see that there are about 75 Canadian artists on DPW. As a Canadian artist and new to belonging to this group, I am curious about the experience of other Canadian artists selling on this website - any tips, challenges, special requirements in shipping, etc.?

As a US artist who occasionally ships to Canada, I would love to read responses to this question. I never know exactly how it is received in Canada, whether recipients have to pay a “duty” on a painting that is shipped from the US. Thanks!

I’m a Canadian artist and have been on DPW for… oh boy, I don’t know… around 5 years.
When you compare the amout of ppl in your country and the amout of ppl in my country, it’s easy to understand why my clients are almost all US. There also seems to be a lot more interest for that kind of small scale art in the US then here in Canada. I noticed more of a interest for it in the last few years but it’s still not well known. When I talk to other canadian artists, they still look absolutly surprised to hear I sell my art online and in the US. I always have to explain it’s small paintings so it’s easy to ship.
About the shipping, it’s pretty much the same price to ship in both countries. I don’t know about customs… I often wondered if they have to pay some when they receive it. I don’t think so since I’m not sending it as a company.

Hello Jacinthe
Thank you for that helpful reply. I checked out your site on DPW - very interesting work and so prolific!!! May I ask you to share on a few other specific topics?

  • How do you have clients pay for your work? - PayPal or some other method?
  • How do you package your work?
  • How do you ship your work - UPS, post, other?
  • Do you insure your work?
  • Any problems with this method of selling?
  • Is it worth being on DPW to sell your work?

And… where are you located in Canada? I am in Vernon, BC.

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. I greatly appreciate it!!

Hi Jeanne! I hadn’t read that you were Canadian :slight_smile: Sorry about that!
I’m in Quebec, St-Lazare near Montreal.
First,It is absolutely worth being on DPW! For the minimum fee they charge a month and the small percentage they keep on auctions it’s worth so much more then that in my eyes! I sell mostly here. I love getting comments and seeing everyone’s new work. I love following their evolution and having my gallery so I can see mine! I sold my first painting on here and it gave me so much confidence and that’s what kept me going. I also love the challenges every week. It’s so much fun!
So my clients pay Paypal through DPW. I like that better then sending them an actual Paypal bill, because then I have to convert it in US dollar and it never comes out to the right amount.
I buy boxes from Wallmart and I usually have to make the box flatter so I cut and stick it back. I put a wax paper over the front of the painting just in case it sticks. I bubble wrap it and makes sure it does not move at all inside the box.
I always send a certificate of Authenticity with it.
I use Canada Post always with tracking number.
It comes with insurance for 100$ so that’s enough.
Never had any problem with any clients from DPW. Always paid me right away at the and of the auction.
So there you have it! Wow! I wrote a manuscript hahaha. Hope that helps and I hope you have fun here… cause that’s what it’s all about :slight_smile:

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