Can You Identify if these are Ralph L. Bagley Paintings

Can Anyone Help Advise On Artist Verification For These 5 paintings ? I’ve Tried Google Search By Artist Name L. Bagley And It Shows Ralph L Bagley (Refering to Founder & Teacher of Art Institute Of Florida That Currently Remains as To Be a New Well Known Museum Called Orange County Regional History Center) After Speaking to A director of the museum she informed me that their are not many paintings by Ralph L. Bagley and She is supposed to mail me some signature samples to compare and see if these are authentic paintings that were done by him, If they are they would be highly appreciated by the people that know the history of the museum and his legacy That he Has left behind. I am currently waiting for The information on identifying his signatures to come in the mail but wanted to see if any one else has any advise or information to help with determining if these are his paintings Or Was Interested In Purchasing These 5 Paintings. If They Are His Authentic Paintings That Would Be Awesome! Thanks For Any And All Help Or Advice! :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn,

in your google search, did you come across this page:
A sample of paintings seems to be from a family website related to Ralph Bagley.
You can do a comparison yourself.

I doubt anyone here would really be be able to give you an answer.
The History Center you already contacted will be your best bet.

It appears Ralph Bagley signed his name ‘Ralph L Bagley’.

Also look at his treatment of water, clouds and perspective in this one
Completely different to your samples.

To me, in all honesty I don’t think they are the same artist. I guess they could be earlier works but the color in your samples shows no fading, so they look to me to be quite recently painted. But as I said, the most likely people to tell you will be the History Center. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

I was a student of his from early 1970 to late summer 1971 when he was a teacher at Orlando Junior College. I would say that they are almost definitely not work of his.

No matter what, it’s a nice painting.