Can you change the Buy Type if a painting hasn't sold when your auction closed?

Hi, I’m fairly new and trying to understand the protocols for selling on DPW. I’d like to offer my painting on auction for a time (ie, 3 relists of 3 days each - I don’t have enough patience to go much longer, lol), and then if it doesn’t sell I would like to list it at my Zibbet store (Zibbet is my preferred alternative to Etsy) with a DPW - URL buy type linking to the painting’s Zibbet page. I have a customer base established at Zibbet, so I want to go to that after trying the auctions here.

However, I’ve had a couple of auctions end without sale and I find the Buy Type seems to be stuck and I can’t seem to change it. I have listed my Zibbet store front page link as my default URL under Buy Type in my profile, but on the last auction that ended yesterday, the painting did not go to my default buy type. It’s just stuck there saying “auction ended” with no way for anyone to buy it.

The only way I can think of to get around this is to delete the painting and relist it with a URL buy type. Is that a viable option?

Any thoughts/advice? I’m trying to figure out how to make this site work for me, and I don’t really expect sales right off the bat (though it would be nice! :slight_smile:) but I was hoping it would be easier to combine selling on my existing Zibbet site with the DPW auction feature.

Never mind, I figured it out! For anyone who’s interested (and to refresh my memory when I need to do it again), here are the steps I used:

  • click the Price cell (which may be blank) in the art tracking grid; this allows you to end the auction and then you can edit the price

  • edit the URL cell to update with the url from the sales site, which in my case would be the listing page at my Zibbet store.

Phew! that was easier to do than to find out how to do. Fortunately the hover message on the links in the tracking grid gave me enough info that I could put my intuition to work and figure it out. I still don’t know why my auction didn’t end itself or why I didn’t get the email telling me the auction had ended, but that’s another question - and not a very high priority one, either.

Okay, back to work :relieved:

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My apologies for it not being clear on how to end an auction. It isn’t very straightforward in the Art Tracking grid, however there is an “End Auction” button for each active auction in your “my Auctions” page.

I will be improving the Art Tracking grid in the near future.

Thank you, David - I’ll look for that “end auction” also next time :relieved: