Can I use premium outdoor wall acrylic paint to prime my support for oil paint?

Hello everyone, I know that acrylic gesso is the most recommended product for preparing supports that will receive painting, but my Art teacher told me that I can use premium wall acrylic paints to prepare my support, he just warned me that the paint wall paint needs to be for exteriors and be in the most expensive category, like the premium paints from Sherwin Williams, in addition he told me that the paint needs to be matte too

Acrylic gesso is made up of acrylic resin, calcium carbonate and titanium white, and in my research I discovered that it is calcium carbonate that makes acrylic paints and acrylic gesso matte, in addition, calcium carbonate also has the function of giving adhesion to the layers of paint that will come

The composition of Sherwin Williams’ Metalatex paint states that it is made of Water-based acrylic paint with modified acrylic polymer, non-metallic bactericide and fungicide, fillers, titanium dioxide, organic pigments and inorganic

I believe this filler is exactly calcium carbonate

What do you think? is it safe to use for art paintings?

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please consult conservators of a very good museum - or several conservators - if you care about your work and want it to last for many years, the research has been done and conservators should have answers.