Can a buyer bid without a Paypal account?

The only payment method I have offered is Paypal. I’m hoping that a bidder isn’t allowed to bid on an item if they don’t have a paypal account.
Anyone know?

I just found out the hard way that, yes, anyone can bid on an item without a paypal account even if you state that you only accept paypal. Believe it or not, that’s the way it is. This is enough to make me want to close my DPW account!
Why in the world would it matter if you state that you only accept paypal when people can do whatever they want anyway???
Now they’re outbidding my buyers that would otherwise follow the rules. GEEEEZZZZ

Dear Bob,

I can see how confusing this is and I will add some wording to the auction dialog to make it clearer.

When you set up an auction to accept only PayPal as a payment it doesn’t limit bidding to only those buyers who have a PayPal account. The winning bidder can pay either using their PayPal account, if they have one, or if they don’t, they can pay using their credit card, through PayPal.

In both cases, the payment is handled by PayPal and the funds go directly into your PayPal account.

So, while a buyer doesn’t have to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card, the payment still goes through PayPal and directly into your account.

I recommend asking support questions through our support system, which you can easily do by clicking our support tab on the left-hand side of the DPW website. The Art Talk forum is not really intended to be for DPW support and you are likely not going to receive as quick and thorough of an answer as you would from support.


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Good answer Dave. Very informative! Glad I read this… :wink: