Calculating Shipping Fees

Having issues calculating shipping fees for art. Any suggestions?

I charge 6 for a 6x6 on gessoboard. That usually covers it. Pach one for shipping and take it to the post office and ask them to weigh it. I use a kitchen scale and add an ounce. I put mine in a bubble envelope and it weighs around 5 oz. USPS has a calculator where you enter weight and zone. So pick a zip for a distant spot and see what it costs. Look at what others are charging for a similar size.


What country are you in, Brian?

“Canada.” I had to type this so the reply can be more than 20 characters :slight_smile:

You can create a shipping profile here on DPW

See these links too:

If sending international then duties will apply as well

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Thanks. Although these appear to be US based calculation services, so I’m not sure how much help they’ll be.

Ok, try these links. All are shipping FROM Canada:

You are building a chart so it will take a little time to do but once you have an idea you can set up shipping fee’s in DPW shipping profile.
If like most here you are working in only a couple sizes then you will know the cost of shipping materials for each. Then use the Canada shipping links for the shipping rates and start inputting the total cost of materials+ shipping rates into the DPW shipping profile by country and/or region.
If in doubt on any given one go a little higher or round up.