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Buying Times for "What's New" sales

I am new to selling on DPW and I’ve noticed that when I get up in the morning and check on the “What’s New” sales there will already be 10-15 sales by 6:30-7:00am and then maybe a couple more in the next hour or so and that’s it, no sales on there the rest of the day. Just curious if this is just the way it is or if there is some reason for this early morning phenomena. Are people buying right after midnight until 6:30am or so? I don’t stay up that late and not sure if it’s worth it to find out :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

I’ve noticed also that most sales for the day are made early. Perhaps the people buying want first chance at purchasing.

Some artwork could be posted after it was sold somewhere else - I do, because I use this site as my primary website.

As Yulia mentioned above, certain amount of works posted on the “What’s new” page is already sold. For example, today there were about 10 sold paintings posted.

Oh, I didn’t think about that, that they were already sold when they it the page at midnight. I just assumed people would change out what was up next on the What’s New page lineup if something had already sold, but maybe they didn’t have anything ready to go yet?

So, I’m still trying to understand and now I’ve noticed that it seems artwork is being added during the day? I thought everything marked for today’s What’s New had to be in by 11:59pm the day before. Today it started with 140 something and now it’s up to 160. Can I add something during the day?

Anyone can add at any time to their artwork grid, and can chose today as the front page date and it will show up on the main page which is “What’s New”.

Oh, OK, I did not realize you could add on the current day, thank you! Not like FASO Daily Art Show

Of course you won’t go out in the daily email if you add during the day.

And sales do often show up early in the morning because the email goes out at 3:am I think and also the west coast is 3 hours earlier so if they buy late in the evening we see them the next morning.