Buy on Etsy vs buy with Paypal

Hi Everyone … new here. Just wanted to know opinions on if an artist sells with a ‘buy it on Etsy’ button … will that hurt sales on this site? Or do I have to get a Paypal business account and use that instead?

Thanks for any help…

DPW gets no fees when you send to paypal, commission only incurred when sold thru DPW auction of 3%.

Sending them to Etsy from DPW is an extra unneeded step since you will have your payment processing thru etsy or paypal and I believe it is the same, 3.4%.

Though one pro to doing so if you already have it listed in both DPW & Etsy, is that the checkout process DPW-ETSY will remove it from current sale in etsy and DPW at the same time. Is there another ‘pro’ to sending to Etsy? Idk.

Only if you are selling other art or goods only offered on Etsy that is not offered on DPW…would be my guess.