Bravo! Great new Art today!

Hi! I’m Tracy Bezesky, I’m a new artist to this group. I woke up too early this morning and decided to go look at what the new art posts were at DPW 1/5/17. There is a ton of great new art today! I’m inspired! Wow! Great works! Do you agree? I guess the holiday slumber is over and done! I’m very pleased to be a part of this group!

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I’m also very new to this group. Just joined a couple of weeks ago. I’m finding the art amazing! So glad I found this site!!

Welcome guys! It is a wonderful site, full of great people, Carol & David are always improving the site and offering new perks.

There are lots of help articles and good people through the support tab if you get stuck…but search around the FAQ’s or ask here at Art Talk too…

And of course reading through the forum will keep you busy for a while. :smiley:

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