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Brand of portable walls for displaying your paintings at Open Studios

Hello! I’m looking for input into easy to assemble and take apart, portable walls for outdoor display [think Open Studios or fairs]. I’d like them to be sturdy, yet lightweight and affordable [and I want a unicorn too].
What do type do you use?
Where do you buy them?
Roughly, what is the cost?
How heavy are they? How challenging to assemble? How sturdy in the wind?
Any ideas are helpful. I’m located in California, so I’d like to purchase something domestically.

I can’t really help you. If you find something that covers all those requirements let me know :slight_smile: I have searched, but find everything too expensive or cumbersome. I have to lug it all myself. I made something myself out of plastic fencing. I do a few outdoor shows. Maybe if I did some high end ones I would invest in something better.
In the picture, on the right side you see the hanging panel. It works for me for now.

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Your system looks great! How did it hold up in the wind?
I’m trying to find something very portable and easy to stash when I’m not using it. I think I’m going to break down and buy something–I’d like to find those gray lightweight panels I see everywhere.

It did fine in the wind, a little swaying of pictures, nothing bad.

I use the Propanels system. They are based in Texas I believe. Yes they are spendy but you can occasionally find used panels at a discount.
We transport ours in the boxes they came in but Propanels sells a dolly that I’ve seen other artists use (available at big hardware stores too) and it appears to be less cumbersome. As far as set up/teardown goes, very fast and easy.
Propanels have several options for height, width and breakdown styles. I called and their sales person was helpful in helping me determine which would be the best option for me.
I’ve also purchased their wire hangers ( I have framed oil on canvas which can get weighty) and love them.
Wind is always an issue for me so I avoid outdoor shows now. I’ve used weighted buckets which helped but it’s just not worth the risk anymore. When those frames start jumping and bumping from gusts of wind I would just hang on and cross my fingers. Not much of a plan. Maybe other artists could advise on that subject.
There is a forum on the Propanel site where artists share their experiences and you can glean a lot from their posts. But like any forum or review section the opinions vary. That said, it is enlightening and you will discover questions you didnt think to ask. At least I did.
I hope this has been somewhat helpful. There are a lot of Propanel wanna-be’s out there and for all I know they are as good or better.
Good luck! And let us know where you end up on this. Shows are fun but the right equipment makes a big difference!:blush:

Thanks Lori, this is the kind of information I was looking for. Your comments are really helpful. I’m not really planning on taking part in outdoor shows, but am looking for something to put in my yard at my house and in the studio–which is a shared space and needs more wall/display area as well as a wall to separate the work space.

I am going to Propanel pronto and checking it out.
Thank you.
Bettianne Shoney Sien

I use flourish mesh panels. I love them and can carry them in one case. Here’s a pic. I use sand bags for weights. I’ve had them for years so not sure of the current pricing. It was a good investment.

Thank you Marita. I appreciate your information and the photos.