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Bocour Bellini and Shiva oil paints - good, or not?

I was given a bunch of old art supplies from an estate. There are lot of unused tubes of Bocour Bellini and Shiva brand oil paints. Does anyone know anything about the quality/archival quality of these? Deciding whether to keep or not.
(Would post a pic but not sure how to do that)

I really like the Shiva brand. I believe it is now manufactured by Richeson. I had inherited some Shiva oils that were purchased in the 1960’s. Unlike some of the other brands, they are still moist and the colors are still vibrant. My favorite colors of Shiva are, yellow citron, ice blue and brilliant yellow light. They do seem to have more oil in them than other brands, which makes them smother to apply.
Also, I have some paintings that is did in the early 90’s that don’t have any signs of cracking or color degradation.