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Blogs, Websites or Facebook

Which to add first? I only have a Gallery here on DWP but I’m ready to add more sites. I’m a bit confused as to where to go next? Any suggestions
and or recommendations for setting up Blogs, etc…

Posting on Instagram and Facebook are both good for me. You might try those first…

Thanks Sunny for the advise.

I have a blog on wordpress which I have had for 2 years now (one year longer than I have been on here) - I get some good support and community from it though I am unclear about how much it is helping me attract customers to here! I love blogging and it definitely has value if you are like me and love to write about your thoughts and processes, make friends with other artist bloggers and enjoy some community. (Probably some customers and other interested parties come from there and definitely more than Facebook, I think Facebook no longer works as it should and that generally I am posting into a black hole there or maybe it’s just that many of my fb friends have “abandoned ship”)Maybe Instagram is better? I don’t know! I’d rather paint than mess around with social media, to be honest:grinning:

I am new at all of this, being one of the old fashioned non-social media types. Besides my gallery here I have started a blog on Blogger and also post on Pinterest. All in the last 2 months. I have little traffic on my blog so far, but am getting a little bit of interest from my Pinterest posts. I am sure that some of the looks at my blog have come from Pinterest users since I post to my blog first, then from the blog to Pinterest, and, if I intended to sell it, to here. Of course, my DPW gallery is linked in my blog in a couple of places. So, the idea is that someone will see a painting on Pinterest and go to my blog saying to themselves “I want this painting”; find the link to the gallery and buy my paintings. It could happen.

I agree that Facebook is the next place to go. You can create a page available to the public for your artist page.

I’m same as Gregory, one of those non-social media types, but following the advice of my friends both here and offline I recently started a Facebook page and now have many questions to more experienced FB users:

I joined a few art groups and started sharing my art there, but now it looks like there are a lot of people who are members of the same groups, and I guess this means that when I share my piece in a few groups it will be shown many times in someone’s news feed and will look pretty much as spam, which I really don’t like. If your artwork fits in a few groups do you share it everywhere or pick only one group to share?

Next question about FB boosting feature. FB keeps suggesting me to boost my posts to reach more people. Does anyone use this? Does it really work? Or will it again look like spam?