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BLOGGER Issue! Please read!

If you are using Blogger, please take the time to use two-party authentication! I’ve had my blog since 2006, over 700 postingings of paintings, now someone from Ohio with a galaxy tablet has removed 100’s of my images. The post remains, but the images are corrupt. So, why didn’t I notice this before? He started in an earlier year, I usually don’t go back to check older posts. I have saved these posts as drafts just in case I’m so bored one day I want to try and replace all these photo’s.
I have changed my password many times on blogger, so that’s not the issue.

Just do it. Two party authentication. It’s easy. You won’t like it if the same thing were to happen to you!


so sorry that happened to you! thanks for letting all of us know.

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So sorry this happened to you.

So much scamming going on these days. It’s rife.
Thanks so much for letting us know.

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You’re welcome, Jacqueline. That hacker replaced my images with his own on the paintings where I had a paypal link. Nothing happened regarding my paypal account, not sure what he was up to, other than no good!

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Thanks. People suck.