Best way to ship to the UK?

Hi, I need to ship a 9"x12" canvas panel to England. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I can ship USPS, UPS or FEDEX.
Which method will get there fastest?
Which takes the best care in handling?
I think USPS isn’t trackable once it leaves the country, but UPS and FEDEX are trackable?

I’m thinking of putting it in a padded envelope with a piece of cardboard on either side. Do you think this is sufficient?


Well, I just checked UPS and the price is $156 and would take about a week. Yikes.

I’ve sent a few paintings to the UK and to Sweden (from Canada). I bubble wrapped them and then put thick-ish card around them and then brown paper, with a lot of Sellotape, and sent them via Canada post with a tracking number. They got there fine. Some took a couple of weeks, others a month or so.

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Thanks for replying, LIsa. It looks like I am going to use the postal service which is $33. It will take two weeks.

I’ve used the P.O. a couple of times with good success.

Thanks, Jo-Ann. I did use the postal service. When I went in, they told me first class (instead of priority) was available for $22.50. It should get there in two weeks.

I appreciate your input.

Guess you already send it, but in any case I ship a lot to England and The Sates.
In bullbe wrap and then again in package paper. I do let it go with track and trace if possible but not insurred, which doesn’t work, if the package goes missing you can’t let your customer solve it, it’s your problem with your customer, … I do however take a photo befor finally ship it (with my mobile) and email that to the customer as well. Once a package gone missing and after ¾ of a year it sufaced again, thanks to the photo they could show.
ussualy the package takes about 10 working days to reach The States, England a lot sooner but I’ll reckon it would take the same for you from America to Europe (UK)

Good luck!