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Best size and price to sell at Auction

What size paintings sell best at auction? What prices seem to sell best? I am fairly new and still trying to figure things out. If anyone can help, please!

I think the answer to both questions is 47! :rofl::rofl:
Seriously, who knows? There isn’t a formula, so far as i am aware. Posting as much as possible probably helps, over a long period of time. Getting lucky with a few people who like your work and start collecting. Painting as well as you possibly can.
Just have fun with your work, and try not to worry too much about whether or not it sells. Tbh it will sell if it sells, whether you worry or not. So best - not!
I don’t always manage to take my own advice, though.
Good luck :blush:


Great advice Karen…could not agree with you more…!

What they said. When I started out on DPW my prices were very low and sold a lot. When I started entering shows they sold for 5x those prices so I increased them and sales slowed to nil. I have a friend who is very successful and she gave me the same advice saying “it’s a crap shoot” so relax, enjoy painting and keep learning. One thing the exposure has increased for me is commission work. But I do a lot more show and entries now for selling.

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Thank you for your interesting advice.

Thank you! So far, it doesn’t look like there is a particular size or price formula for attracting sales!