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Best marketing method for my art shop?

I would like to know something. How do you all market your art works? I have started a shop of art works. We get custom paintings and greeting cards done as per customer requirements. But, we do not have much customers as we had expected, and thus sales are low. I feel that doing good ad campaigns could be really helpful. But, I am not sure what type of ads would be best for our shop. When I did a research, I found that poster distribution is cost effective and easy to do, http://www.grassrootsadvertising.com/what-we-do/poster-distribution/. Is there some other ideas other than this? Will it be a good idea if we design the posters with our own art works? Any ideas?

Hello…need more info. Have you perused this forum? Lots of good info in here.

You started an online shop? Not like joining an established big site like DPW, Etsy, etc.?

Designing posters, calendars, and postcards with your shops own art work allows your marketing tool to double by promoting your outlet as well as the art in your outlet. I belong to a cooperative nonprofit gallery and that is how we create all of our marketing tools.

Our cooperative also invites calls for contributions to local fundraisers. I have personally contributed my own art to silent auctions locally hoping to expand my viewing audience. Since I have done this I now sell more art at the gallery than I do online.

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