Best glue for framing panels?

Hello artists - I recently bought the frames recommended by Carol Marine for framing small panel boards (from They don’t come with any hardware so you have to use tape or glue. I’m thinking glue would be better because it wouldn’t make the painting stick up too much.

Can anyone recommend what type of glue to use?


Hi Patti. I have two of Carol Marine’s paintings, (love her!) and framed them both using the frames she recommended. I used a hot glue gun, (just a few small dots of glue), to attach the painting to a black foam board. Then glued the foam board to the back of the frame. I followed a tuttorial online for this I tried to find the link that demonstrated it step by step but couldn’t. Sorry.

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Was this it?

This is also interesting


Thanks you Dina. I did try Gorilla glue and it was a mess because I used too much glue and didn’t realize it would expand like crazy around the edges. Had to scrape off the excess with an exacto knife :frowning:

Thanks Gary! I’m going to check these out for sure.

A very simple way to do it with just a pair of scissors is to use thin Velcro.


Hi Gary. I saw those two video, which are good, but neither was the one I followed. In fact it wasn’t a video at all but just a simple step by step pictorial that showed the exact frame I had ordered.I wish I could find it!

Personally, I don’t like the idea of using glue at all on original artwork. I have used gesso board or another hard and fairly thin backing and glazing tacks to hold panels in frames. You can buy these at any hardware store. If you’re not familiar, these are the flat tacks that are used for holding glass in place. There is a push tool you can buy as well and just push them into the wood behind the panel or gesso board and can remove them fairly easily as well. Otherwise, I would recommend using thin velcro as another member mentioned in an earlier post.

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Actually Silicone glue (the kind the use in aquariums) works great. It holds securely, and if you want to remove it it will pop off, or you can run a knife or wire to slice between the panel and the frame or support.