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Average daily views

Does anyone know how average daily views are calculated? Are they real time or based on last year, and is it updated at some point if it is historical?

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Average views are calculated as the average number of clicks of all artwork posted to the front page on the same day as the painting in question. If you are a featured artist, the average only includes the work of other featured artists. If you are not a featured artist, then the works of the featured artists are not included.


Thank you David! Interesting.

So David, am I correct that the average includes clicks that happen before or after the painting was shown on the front page (but still considering only those paintings posted to be shown on that day)? Difficult concept to explain I guess, but that would explain why there is an average even for paintings not yet shown on the front page?

If a painting was previously posted on the front page, and garnered x-number of views - and then is reposted 6+ months later to be on the front page again (which is in the rules as ok to do), do those x-number of previous views carry forward into the new day’s average? I have setup auctions 7 or more days ahead of time, and have noticed that there was a large number of average views for a day in the future. David - can you shed any light on this, am I guessing correctly?