Auctions - Where do they go?

When I was signed up with DPW, I could never find my auction on ebay. Does anyone know where it goes? I got really confused. I wasn’t even sure it was posted. I went looking on ebay and it was nowhere to be found. Does anyone know how this thing works?

Hi Valerie. I might not be responding correctly, but the DPW auction is not on Ebay; it is on the DPW website itself.

Did you set up a DPW auction?

Daily Paintworks runs its own auctions. They are not ebay auctions, they are Daily Paintworks auctions.

Some people sell their work on ebay and then just have a link on Daily Paintworks that links the painting to ebay.
In that case DPW has nothing to do with the ebay auction.

Does that answer your question?

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DPW auctions were created as an alternative to eBay. Merely becoming a DPW member does not create DPW auctions. You have to set up each auction for each piece individually. If you do that, I don’t see how to could miss seeing your auction page

Ohhhh I totally thought they said ebay auction when I signed up.

Thanks for letting me know