Auctions or not

Hello everybody!
I started listing my work for sale through Etsy, I have one Etsy store I converted to selling art (it was vintage for a while :slight_smile: ) so now I can’t list on auctions, I have to put a certain price.
And even with my low prices I noticed people are not interested in looking at art which are not on auction.
Did anybody noticed that too?
I don’t want to leave this site, especially after I made it my website with my name, but it kinda discouraging, like I have to put even lower auction prices.

Well after my sales grew each year for the past 3 years, this year nothing! But that’s my problem. You could start a new piece for auction here for 5–7 days and if it doesn’t sell and it goes to fixed price, then list it on your Etsy site.

Thank you, Andrea, that’s a good idea. It seems like to re-do auction for more than one round totally doesn’t work.
I had sales here at first, then they stopped, then I started again after some time off, now it’s nothing again. But I know I am not consistent in listing work, get carried away with different ideas all the time. No self-discipline. :roll_eyes: