Attempted Scam emails

Hi there
I’m writing here because I want everyone on dailypaintworks to be aware of a possible scam.

Today I received a number of emails from someone who calls themself Anthony Blake and the emails were from This person was keen to buy 4 of my more expensive works but failed to tell me why he wants them, where they were to be shipped to or anything else. He would only pay by check. When I asked which country the payment would be from so that I could ask my bank how long it would take to clear, as I am in Ireland he said he would arrange for a business associate to issue the cheque. At this point I felt sure it was a con.
Has this happened to anyone else? I hope no one was sucked into it.
Bests, Inga

Hi Inga, I also received an email from Antony Blake on Thursday, and immediately smelt a rat as the grammar was poor in the email and it said ‘undisclosed recipients’. Still I played along for one email but as soon as I googled his name and fraud your post came up. It’s a con, though I’m still curious as to how he’d make his money.
Thank you for posting. Watch out.
Best regards,

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Hi Avril, yes I also haven’t quite figured out how he would make his money.

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The way he makes his money is he sends a check for over the amount decided on and then asks you to refund him the difference.


Correct, its a very old scam.

This happens all the time on Instagram. It’s always best to only take a secure method of payment. You were wise to not send anything until the payment is cleared. I also heard that if you receive a check always call the bank and find out when it is past the time that they can recall the check before sending the artwork. I understand there’s some scam where they give you a check and pick up the art, then they cancel the check-or it may even be a stolen check. There are so many ways they can do that. I usually look at what they are buying-if it’s several paintings that are all the most expensive and there is not a secure payment method, I won’t sell it. Usually anyone legit has some form of payment that secures both of you. Oh, and I never worry that I missed a sale when I say no to someone that looks like a scam. I remind myself it wasn’t a sale-it was a scam. Hope that helps.


Thanks for the warning.

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